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Breeders & Rescues VS Petstores   1 comment

This is another post I made on a forum, that I thought would be good to copy over here, since it summerizes some of my opinions on the whole debate of where to get our pets (not just rats either, but ANY type of pet, be it a rat, dog, cat, gecko, bird, etc). I think that it is very important for people to really consider who they are supporting, and WHAT they are willing to give their money to support.


Honestly…I can’t really believe there is a need for an explanation of this…but I’ve seen it repeated several times recently. Rather than hijacking several other threads, I wanted to post.

Supporting GOOD breeders and GOOD rescues IS better than buying from a petstore. Period. No exceptions.

There is NO SUCH THING as a good breeder who supplies a pet store. A GOOD breeder wants to screen every adopter personally, and that is impossible if they sell their babies to a petstore. They NEED to know all their adopters personally, and have that contact information, so that they can monitor their lines, the health of the animals, etc. Without that information, they can’t really breed to improve the species.┬áSelling to a petstore demonstrates they are in it for profit ONLY.

YES, its true, there are no guarantees about living things in life. A rat from a breeder or rescue could get sick and die young, and a rat from a petstore could live a long time. Or not. There are never guarantees.

The DIFFERENCE is who you are supporting. Read the rest of this entry »


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