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The Importance of Accurate Genetic Records and Reporting   Leave a comment

I want to write a bit about something that is very much in the front of my mind – genetics. This is not so much another primer on the different types of rat genetics, how the different genes interact, what they are, etc. There are plenty of resources out there for that already. This is more a statement on the importance of ACCURATE recording of genetics.

This came up after I found an article someone wrote where she actually proposed ignoring genotype altogether in favor of just trying to make other genes look like what they wanted. In this case, she argued that its hard to get good points on a himalayan rat (ch/c) where its easier to get them on a siamese (ch/ch), and suggested that better ‘himalayan’ rats could be gotten by selecting for siamese with lighter coats and less shading. Her other argument was that himalayan is homozygous in rabbits, and therefore should be in rats as well.

There are several problems with this suggestion. While this MIGHT actually help improve the points, its not actually making himalayan rats, its just making siamese that ‘look like’ himalayans. Breeding, selection, and improving of the species is more than looks, its about selecting the proper type of animal to improve the traits. Rather than spending time selection for poor siamese, with a lack of shading, etc, the energy could be better used to select for better points on true himalayans. Read the rest of this entry »


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