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Starting a rattery: Learning and Finding a mentor   Leave a comment

So you’ve decided you want to breed? Hopefully you’ve spent quite a bit of time reading up on it, studying, learning, talking to other people already. Ideally, you’ve had some rats for their entire lifespan, from youth through old age and losing them, so that you know about the challenges you face in dealing with health problems and death. Not everyone can handle these things, and recognizing that is a strength, not a weakness. Better to realize it now than when you have a few dozen rats and you realize that losing them is too much to bear.

One of the main pieces of advice given to people looking to start out is to find a mentor. This is EXCELLENT advice, but it’s not as simple as asking the first breeder you encounter to just teach you everything and give you rats, or even accepting the first mentoring offer you get if you are looking. There is a lot more to finding the right mentor to help you excel.

Since I am in the process of getting started with a breeding program myself, I thought I might share some advice for what has helped me move forward in the process.

Learning is definitely the first step to doing anything correctly, so I ask questions, read, research and learn. This link is a really good source of some information for anyone considering getting into breeding, it offers a LOT to consider, and its worth reading – several times. I still go back and read through it on a regular basis.
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