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Well, there isn’t much here yet, and I still am a ways off from making significant plans, but I hope that this will be a place where I can post some of my thoughts, plans, findings, etc related to my rattery, rats, breeding, and anything else that seems appropriate.

For now I can start with some information. I am a new rat breeder, but not new to the rat world. I’ve had pet rats for most of the past 18 years or so. I’ve seen the hobby grow and change quite a bit in this time and have seen our care standards for these wonderful animals improve during that time, as we learn more and find better ways to provide for them. ┬áIt’s exciting to see how things have changed and continue changing, and to be a part of new, improved care for these little guys who share our lives.

I am a certified veterinary technician, with experience with exotics and wildlife. I’ve been researching genetics, talking to and getting to know other breeders, attending shows, and learning as much as I can about proper selection, care, socialization, health, etc of rats for several years now, in preparation of starting my own rattery.

I believe breeding is a huge responsibility and something that shouldn’t be done just for fun, just to see what its like, etc. There are many homeless pets out there, rats included, and bringing more into the world haphazardly adds to the problem. There are many people out there already who are breeding for the wrong reasons, and no matter how much they believe they love their pets, these people are doing nothing to help rats, and are simply adding to the overpopulation problem. It is important to breed for the whole rat, not just for making more, or for a cute marking, color, etc. Read the rest of this entry »


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